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What can LeadsLeap do for you?
LeadsLeap is built on 4 objectives:

1) Send you traffic...advertise on 4,000+ web sites.
"My traffic has gone up 250% and my sales increase immediately. It works, I couldn't be happier." - Jon

2) Educate you on different aspects of marketing (newsletter, blog, video, ebook)
"Its traffic generation capability is 2nd to none, but even more important is the phenomenal Education LeadsLeap provide you to succeed online." - Adrian

3) Give you powerful web tools FREE to help you build a successful business or Blog.
"Being a member of the LeadsLeap community pays off in many ways." - Michael 

4) Make you some money in the process without much effort ;)
"I've never earn a cent or have a lead, until I join Leadsleap." - Horace
Could you use any information on any of the following topics?:

Affiliate Marketing
Blogging For Beginners
Link Building
List Building
Make Money Online
Self Development
Site Conversion
Traffic Generation
Web Hosting
Website Building

LeadsLeap members have access to all this information at the LeadsLeap Blog. (some samples below)
Al Fanucchi JrLeadsLeap has been online since 2008. It is the place to be whether you're a season veteran or a newbie to the Internet.

LeadsLeap is loaded with tons of tools and information that you will find very helpful. You can sign up for free and you can advertise on 4,000 web sites. Members who promote and build a down line will have the privilege
of having their downline message shown 10 levels deep....FOR LIFE! As your team continues to grow, you will have a place to send your opportunity too. Make sense?

If you are a member of a Revenue Sharing web site or traffic exchange, LeadsLeap would be a good program to promote if you don't have one.

Oh did I mention you can make some money along the way? Free members make 25%, Pro members make 50%. If this interest you, read the paragraph below, I think you will be impressed.

Al & Heeya Fanucchi
Honolulu, Hawaii
The power of LeadsLeap lies in its leads building network because it can grow exponentially.

Four reasons why you should build your LeadsLeap team:

  1. Life-time of growing leads - Your downline message will be shown to 10 levels of your downlines for life! Once you've achieved a critical mass, your team will keep increasing on autopilot and you will have tons of leads that you can reach out to.

    You see, each member has at most 10 uplines and they will ALWAYS see their uplines' message in this member's area. Chances are they will be curious about what their uplines are doing.

  2. Have 10-levels of downlines to help you earn credits - For a start, you can earn 5% of your level 1's Click Credits. But once you hit 20 personal referrals, you are entitled to 10 levels of overriding Click Credits.

    See the table below for the details:

    Personal Referrals Overriding Click Credits
    < 20 5% on the first level
    20 5% on 10 levels
    50 6% on 10 levels
    100 7% on 10 levels
    300 8% on 10 levels
    500 9% on 10 levels
    700 10% on 10 levels
    1000 20% on 10 levels!!
  3. Make money - You can make money with this program while building your level 1, and there is NOTHING EXTRA you need to do! Just focus on building your leads.
    • Income Stream #1 - When the members in your level 1 grab our one-time-offer, you earn 25% commission (50% if you are a PRO member).
    • Income Stream #2 - When they upgrade their membership to PRO member, you earn 25% commission (50% if you are a PRO member) EVERY MONTH as long as they stay as a PRO member!
    • Income Stream #3 - Whenever they purchase any other LeadsLeap products, you earn 25% commission (50% if you are a PRO member).
    Think about this: In most affiliate programs, if not all, you are sending traffic to help other people to build their lists and you only get a one-time commission. But in LeadsLeap affiliate program, you are building your own list, making one-time commission PLUS life-time passive income PLUS life-time back-end sales commissions. What can be better than that?

  4. 'Really' make money - This is a time-tested affiliate program. LeadsLeap has been in operation since 2008 and some of our founding members are still earning commissions till today. Don't waste your time promoting a program that can only last for a few months or few years. LeadsLeap is one of the few programs that can pay you probably a life-time of commissions with a one-time effort of yours.
As a member, you can post ads in LeadsLeap system. Your ad will be shown in the member's area and blog. It can also be shown on more than 4000 other websites operated by our members.

Below is a 'live' ad unit that you will see at the website and blog. Take a look at the total and weekly hit count in these ads. That's the kind of traffic the members are getting. Everyone gets traffic, as long as you follow our simple step-by-step action plan. For more information or to add your link click on the "Add your link free" below.
LeadsLeap's Blog is loaded with great information. Here are a few samples you can view.

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