What's Neurs and whats in it for me?

Opportunity Seeker - Are you interested in becoming an entrepreneur and finding a business opportunity that matches your core values? Get training, funding, support, customers, etc...everything you could possibly need available at one web site? Sorry...there isn't any...until now and it's called Neurs.

Affiliates - Do you have a list of contacts or good at promoting and looking for a good affiliate program that rewards those handsomely for spreading the word? You found it and it's called Neurs with 2 affiliate programs to choose from (Free and Partner).

Service Provider - Are you a Business Service Provider who provide services to entrepreneurs? (Franchisers, Recruiters for Direct Selling Organizations, Business Coaches, CPAs, Lawyers, Web Designers, Marketing Consultants, and countless others....). If so...Neurs is looking for your services.

Entrepreneurs - Are you already an entrepreneur, small business owner, multi-level-marketing company, affiliate marketer looking for quality leads/customers to grow your existing opportunity? Then Neurs is what you're looking for.

Word on the street Neurs is the next "Game Changer". There's a reason why "big" names are signing up daily. Here's why 90,000 affiliates jumped on board the first 10 days.....

NEURS is a new community and hub for entrepreneurs and those who offer a service or business opportunity to entrepreneurs. In fact, NEURS will become a lot of different things for different people. For example, for entrepreneurs, NEURS will be a source of contacts or even funding to help them get their start-up idea off the ground.

Neurs brings together like-minded, business-focused individuals with the right people and companies, in order to take their current business or idea to the next level.

(Think LinkedIn meets Angie's List, meets eHarmony) where aspiring entrepreneurs, small business owners, multi-level-marketing companies, affiliate marketers, and business service providers are brought together to develop, optimize, manage, fund, market and GROW any existing business or new idea.

For those seeking a business opportunity, NEURS will be their central source for all of the business opportunities available to them that fit their personality, likes, interest, location preferences, and investment level. And for those who provide a business opportunity or a service to entrepreneurs, NEURS will become a highly qualified lead source and networking site.

So for example, entrepreneurs who enroll on their site will have an on line profile/questionnaire to fill out, just like you would if you were to enroll with eHarmony or any other match making service. But instead of matching people with other people, Neurs' technology matches people with business opportunities.

Those seeking a business opportunity are matched with opportunities that fit them using various factors through their proprietary technology. Results could range from a $99 start-up makeup or jewelry direct sales company, a $500 nutritional network marketing company, a $2500 landscaping "business in a box", to a $1,000,000.00 franchise, and every business opportunity in between.

One of Neurs' goals is to eventually have every business opportunity globally listed within the NEURS database. Lead generation will be a major benefit for those who offer a business opportunity.

Currently, NOTHING LIKE THIS EXISTS and I hope you can see how HUGE This WILL Become.



Kevin Harrington, the world renowned Entrepreneur and one of the original cast members of the Hit TV Show SHARK TANK (in some countries known as Dragon’s Den) has officially joined the NEURS.com Home Office Team! 

Learn more about Kevin Harrington by watching this short video.

Now for the best part. There are two affiliate programs...the basic Affiliate and Affiliate Partner. Becoming a basic Affiliate member of this company is ABSOLUTELY FREE. You will be eligible to earn $75 the first month from those who purchase the monthly package and $10 every month thereafter. Anyone you personally invite who purchases any account type (Entrepreneur, Provider, and Full Access Account Packages or Founder's account) you will earn a lump payment of $185.  

This is where it gets REALLY INTERESTING. You see, getting in RIGHT NOW can set you up for a HUGE MONTHLY RESIDUAL INCOME. I'm talking about "QUIT YOUR DAY JOB" TYPE INCOME. As a Affiliate Partner, all the people that you invite for free, and all the people they invite for free, they all become your DOWN LINE. They, like you and me, will join this network to either provide services, find services, or just NETWORK. And just like the basic affiliate, you will earn the same as above except you can earn LIFETIME MONTHLY RESIDUAL COMMISSIONS from up to 30 LEVELS DEEP!!

As Kevin Harrington says in the video, the time is right now to take advantage of this opportunity, either as an affiliate, a customer, or both.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur searching for a new business opportunity, you provide a service or opportunity to entrepreneurs, or you are interested in generating a part-time to full-time income from home sharing NEURS with others, the opportunity is immense.

If you have any understanding of the power of social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Angie's list, Facebook, Twitter, then you NEED TO GET IN THIS RIGHT NOW!

Then, begin sharing this free, once in a lifetime opportunity with all the people that you know...with everybody.

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Neurs will offer the following account types.

The Entrepreneur Account (for the individual looking to start a business. Take a 30 day test drive for $9 to see if this is for you.) Click here for details.

The Provider Account (for professionals who provide a service to entrepreneurs) Click here for details.

The Full-Access Member Account - Click here for details.

IMPORTANT: Upon registration, be sure to check your email to confirm your registration. (The verification email arrives in 1-5 minutes. Be sure to check inbox, spam, junk, or if you are a Gmail user, your “Promotions” folder.)

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